Here I am

My thoughts expressions and ideas serve as a mirror into my own personal microcosm. I hope by sharing myself with you that I am able to understand myself better along the way.

I’m just a brown girl in the ring trying to figure out this amazing thing we call life.  My experiences are helping me to realize that we should not wait for the storm to pass but instead to learn to dance in the rain.  Dancing with the feet, with ideas and with words. I’m living, laughing and loving as I evolve naturally, write honestly and speak openly..

These are the thoughts and ideas of your truly.  Unscripted and unrehearsed,  pure and unadulturated.

Learning to dance in the rain

3 thoughts on “Here I am

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  1. Hey Mishael, I appreciate and have enjoyed reading your blogs as you share your life/experiences. Keep growing and sharing…..
    Put it in a book perhaps…..


  2. i did not plan to read every thing, but your writing style is so great that i just kept reading. It is not fastness, I just read your article on H I V and continued reading. I saw your post on your father’s page. He was my Spanish teacher at usc many moons ago.Keep on writing. Peace.

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