Natural Hair Chronicles

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “ohh girl your hair is naaaapppy!!” *side eye*  Yes, my hair is thick and coarse. I mean really thick and really coarse. I have my mother to thank for that! Once, I went to the Dominican Hair Salon and the lady said in her thick accent “Oooh Mami, you need a perm!!” On a different occasion I went to the African Braiding shop for some micros and the braider told me that we needed to take a break because my hair was cutting her finger.  She HAD to be exaggerating… right? I mean no one’s hair can be THAT coarse that it cuts the braiders fingers. I refuse to believe it.  On a completely different occasion I went to my sylist for a relaxer, I told her I was considering going natural.  She politely attempted to discourage me saying, “uhh, I dont think you’re ready for all that.”  Was my hair really that out of control??

Against everyone’s suggestions I stopped relaxing my hair in 2006 and vowed that I was going to prove everyone wrong by going natural.  And I did.  It wasn’t easy. Some days I hated my hair. I was spending so much time washing and pressing my hair every week.  It took up too much time and I was using too much heat so I decided to chop off all my heat processed ends. (It was random and impulsive)

August 2, 2011 I cut off about 6 inches of my pride and joy!

People said when they cut off their hair they felt liberated and they loved it so much blah blah blah. That was not my testimony! At all. I didn’t realize how much my hair meant to me! Ohh, I cried like a baby.  I didn’t want to leave the house and I felt like people treated me differently now that my hair was short and “nappy.”

Its been four months since my BC and I can honestly say I love my hair (today). We still have a hate love relationship but I’m enjoying it more and more.


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