Bantu Knots

So I had every intention on waking up on this beautiful December morning and rocking my fresh Bantu knot out to church.  (Didn’t happen FYI)

Last night I clarified my hair with Apple Cider Vinegar, deep conditioned then co washed it with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner.  Then blow-dried my hair using the tension method and Bantu knotted my hair using Miss Jessie’s Baby Butter.

I woke up this morning took a hot steamy shower, did my make up and got dressed.   As I attempted to take down my Bantu knots, to my surprise my hair was still wet!! Huh? How was that even possible if I blew it out last night?? *insert confused and irritated face here*

Natural hair woes I tell ya.  I enjoy the versatility of natural hair but I really NEVER know what to expect.  Instead of going to church I was stuck in the house sitting under the dryer.

This is my first Bantu Knot-out experience.  It’s all right… it doesn’t make me overly excited but it’ll do!


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