Do or Die

So, I’m driving to work.  I’m jamming to my Kilo Ali station on Pandora and Do or Die comes through my speakers.  Do or Die? Did she just say Do or Die? The rap group from the 90s? Yeah, that’s exactly who I’m talking about.  (Please disregard the fact that the members of the group are named Belo Zero, N.A.R.D. and AK-47.) Something about the name of this group got me thinking. DO…or die. Do IT or die. Could that be the very answer I’ve been looking for?

I consider myself the “go-with-the-flow”, “easy-like-Sunday-morning” type. If you suggest it, more than likely, I’m game. That’s all fine and dandy, but what about ME!?

Could the fact that I have not taken time out for ME and for what I like to do contributed to me losing myself? I haven’t “done it” so I… “died”? (Figuratively, of course.) Did I neglect myself? Did I place ME on the back burner, allowing myself to fall somewhere behind the likes of everyone else around me?

I didn’t do it, so I died?? Ok then, does that mean that if I begin doing what it is that I like to do, then I’ll come back to life?? Dramatic? Maybe. Worth a shot? Absolutely.

Socrates said,

“The unexamined life isn’t worth living.”

I’m going through this process of self-rediscovery, which will consist of me asking myself those tough questions and actively and honestly seeking the answers.

What’s the antithesis of Do or die?

(Random thought: Who gets inspired by Do or Die then quotes Socrates lol)


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