Basic Chick

We’ve all heard the term “Basic Chick.” When I hear that phrase I automatically visualize some girl with stringy bright color weave, tattered leggings two sizes too small, and a fake, bedazzled designer bag.  Yikes! And if that isn’t bad enough, when I type in the phrase “basic chick” into my search engine the first thing that pops up is this: “what makes a girl a hood rat or basic chick?”  So, you mean to tell me that hood rats and basic chicks are synonymous? Oh. When did being basic become so bad?

Recently, I was looking through some old photos of myself attending events and parties, dressed up and looking good. (If I can say so myself.)  But, I seemed to look the happiest in the photos where I wasn’t dolled up with makeup and fancy clothes. In those other pictures I looked good and it looked effortless. Fresh faced, little to no make-up, simple outfit, and pretty much… basic.

Being basic has gotten such a bad wrap. “If you’re a basic chick you do this” (insert negative action of choice).  Or “only basic chicks do that” (insert any other negative action of choice). Who decided that being basic was such a terrible thing to be, and why is everyone trying to avoid being considered basic?

The word “basic” is defined as: Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental; the essential facts or principles of a subject.

As I read the definition above I couldn’t help but get excited. Basics are the essential foundation or starting point of something.  Basics belong to ones innate or ingrained characteristics. The fundamentals. The ESSENCE of who you are! The “basic you” is who you are at your core.  Broken down to its simplest form, it is the ultimate nature of your existence and should be greatly celebrated and revered. Someone remind me again why that’s such a bad thing? I encourage everyone to find, discover or rediscover his or her basic self.

Let’s get back to basics.

Ba · sic  \ˈbā-sik\

of, relating to, or forming the base or essence :fundamental

Es · sence  \ˈe-sən(t)s\

the individual, real, or ultimate nature of a thing especially as opposed to its existence

fun·da·men·tal  \ˌfən-də-ˈmen-təl\

belonging to one’s innate or ingrained characteristics


3 thoughts on “Basic Chick

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  1. I think its our society’ fault that all this has transpired and spun out of control. As early as a young man can start tying his shoes, he is being told to make sure to grow up to be successful, because no woman wants a broke man. So at that moment a boy is being taught that the number one focus of a man is to go out and receive richies so he will be accepted by his female couter part. They never say at that age,” hey make sure you treat your woman nice and with respect, because they feel the number one attraction would be what someone has over anything else.
    Before the conversation really begins most eyes are on his physical attributes more than anything else. And most men our eyes are on the same thing, but for definitely different reasons. Because of this, women focus on their physical more than they focus on their spitiual, mental, and their personal selves. They feel they have appear a certain way in order to get who they want or attention. And there is nothing wrong with that if they have all the other attributes together already.

    Because right after we look pass the physical we’re already checking to see if you have all the elements to go from a regular chick to someone that can be presented as a girlfriend or better yet a wife. Most guys know by the first month if you have potential to be more. Your actions will dictate this. Thats why he will continue seeing you and dog you in the process, he is waiting for another to come along to replace you or he will just will push your bottons into you leave him. It’s a on going cycle to find his ideal woman. You will tell and show him everything he needs to know about you.
    If a woman will stop getting caught up in the minor things like how expensive my purse is and if I’m own a pair of red bottoms, or putting more money into your outfit instead of your saving account, they may graduate from being considered basic chick to someone’s main woman.

    Now for the fun. You know how to tell the difference in a woman who is really fronting from a woman who is on her grind and not walking around looking for a hand out. The woman who wears a expensive purse usually has what that purse cost in her bank account. And the one that doesn’t probably borrowed something from her friend to match her purse. Or asked the guy who is dogging her to buy it. I guess if he can buy you a nice purse here and there, he’s definitely titled to treat you like crap right. I mean its worth the sacrifice to stunt right!

    Oh yeah stop watching all those reality shows that does nothing but feed negative stereotypes. If you will stop watching and posting about it, they will stop putting it on television. That’s the most BASIC thing you can do is tune in…

  2. Sometimes spoken language can be deficient in fully capturing our inner thoughts, emotions, and action. It is easy for us to take words and change their meanings, almost destroying the words initial importance. It does this, I feel, in an attempt to keep up with our rapid socioeconomic growth. We will make subtle changes to the system in an attempt to expand capitalistic margins. Basic in society now means old and archaic. Using a analog telephone is basic. Dial up internet is basic.

    The new advance tech is 4G, GPS with 3-d view, and of course “tell-your-business-instantly” (twitter). Even look at the basic package on some deals these days. Humans consciously observe these actions, and apply these same verbal devices into their daily lives. Now what ever the market is says, we say. So now you are a basic, out of date chick with no 4G wifi, or compatibility with any of the “up to date” versions. BUT THE SECRET IS, 4G CANT EVEN RUN FOR 3 HOURS WITHOUT CHARGING THEIR BATTERY. So who’s really the basic one? Can your hair get wet, do you have injection appointments during your childs soccer games, do you need enzyte, you got a plan b pill stock pile, does your car repair wipe out your savings, does your gps run you into bank head during a feeding time?

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