Things we Lost in the Fire

This was one heck of a year for me!  It felt like there was a figurative fire in my life and everything that I knew to be true was lost in that fire (Ok not everything, hyperbole of course).  Whatever wasn’t lost in the fire got washed away in the rain that seemed to constantly keep falling in my life.  I lost my employment, my relationship, my hair (by my own hands) and I would argue to say I even lost my moxie.

I learned that I unknowingly let things around me define who I was as a woman, and when those possessions were gone, my whole world seemed to be upside down. I didn’t know how to begin to define myself.

It felt like I lost so much in that fire; all that was left was the charred remains of who I thought I was. I now realize that the fire just burned away the road blocks that were in my life, and the rain washed away the soluble parts of me.

I would have never left my job in the call center; it felt safe. I could perform my duties with my eyes closed.  Initially, when I was let go I was devastated, not because I loved the job, because I didn’t. I was devastated because my reality got shifted.  I was used to the humdrum monotony of my unchallenging, unproductive work. There was nothing really tying me to my job except my complacency.

After the initial shock of my unexpected dismissal wore off, I dedicated my time to pursuing new options. To my surprise, the whole world opened up to me, literally. Less than a year later I was hired as a flight attendant and I was able to see sights and experience places that I never would have had I stayed glued to my cubicle and head set.

I had some amazing pre-fire memories and sometimes I really do miss some of the things that I lost in the fire. I could dwell on the negatives, but the reality is that the fire’s seemingly devastating flames were purification and a cleansing in my life. Rather than thinking about the things we lost in the fire we should think about all the things the fire helped us to gain.

 “the moment you choose to look at a situation as positive or negative is the moment you chose your experience”


5 thoughts on “Things we Lost in the Fire

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  1. I’m very proud of you Shelly! You’re one of my friends that I’ve seen definite growth. I’m glad God shifted your life and that you accepted the challenge to make a change. Keep going!

  2. By the grace of FB News Feed I came across your blog–Can definitely relate to having huge life changes come at you out of nowhere and being left in the rubble wondering what the hell happens now. Best of luck in the struggle.

    Love the quote at the end. Source? That corny thing they say, “attitude is everything” seems to ring more and more true as I get older. Especially when bobbing and weaving life’s punches. Peace

    1. Odinaka, thank you for reading,. I love to know that my pink background doesn’t scare all the males off. Sorry, but I’m not sure of the source of the quote, one of my close friends says it all the time so I’m just reciting it from memory. Keep bobbing and weaving and eventually you’ll see the fruits of your labor. Happy New Year!!

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