Beautifully Huetiful

Yay, my Christmas gift to myself finally got here!  After some research I decided to get myself a Huetiful hair steamer! (Yaay for Free Shipping)

Me and you will never part!

The assembly of the steamer was simple enough.  Only three pieces that fit together with ease.  My only two cons about this product would be actually pouring the water in the steamer. I was spilling water everywhere, which could just have been because I was so excited and was rushing; and adjusting the height of the steamer to fit comfortably.  The height of the steamer cannot be adjusted so it was hard finding a table that was high enough, or a chair low enough for me to sit comfortably.  Other than that, I loved it.

This product claims that it can moisturize your hair better than conditioner alone in under 20 minutes. So, I sat under the steamer  with deep conditioner on my hair (with out a plastic cap) for about 15-20 minutes, it beeped when it was done, I rinsed the conditioner out with cool water, and my hair felt extremely smooth and soft and had great shine.

Also, I was excited to use Carol’s DaughterMonoi Repairing Hair Mask that I just purchased for this very occasion!

I purchased the hair mask for $29.99 in Macy’s at the Carol’s Daughter kiosk and I absolutely think it’s worth it.  It worked very well for my extremely thick hair.  The product itself is thick and smelled like something from the tropics, fruity but not overwhelming.  It went onto my hair smoothly and I didn’t have to use too much product to cover my whole head.

After sitting under the steamer with the hair mask I detangled my hair and there was almost NO hair in my comb, and for me, that’s unheard of. Next, I Bantu knotted my hair on blow dried hair using EVOO and Cantu Shea butter and went to bed.

When I woke up my hair was damp (??) I’m assuming from the Cantu and EVOO (irked). My bantu knot out was frizzy but salvageable.


In short, I’m pleased with the results. My hair is soft and shiny and smells great!!!  If you’re on the fence about investing in a steamer I’d strongly urge you to just go for it!  Your hair will thank you!!


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  1. Keep the natural hair posts coming!!! It’s so fun to see and learn from someone so close to me versus watching You Tube videos! I love the tips! “Hair” is not necessarily my forte` but I have learned what works for me! I am always interested in new and creative ideas though! Creativity = Mishy so keep ’em comin’!!!

  2. How did you put the water in? There is a little spout at the top that you can pour the water in with ease! I was filling the cup up and then trying to fit it over the metal part (that gets hot) and used to get water everywhere!! LOL! LOVE the steamer! In order to sit comfortably under mine (well…actually my sisters) I sit it on my bar and sit on a pillow while sitting on one of my dining room chairs. Better yet, just bring your steamer to my house and I’ll show you how to use it…and how to LOSE it!!! Hee hee hee!!!

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