Money makes the Man?

My friend Lucy and I went out for drinks after work to chitchat and catch up.  We found two seats by the bar, sat down and ordered our drinks.

About 5 minutes later, two men came and sat next to us, I’ll call them J and A. They were loud and slightly obnoxious but hey, it’s a bar, loud obnoxious people are pretty much the norm. They called the bar tender by name, took some shots and conversed with some people at the bar. Gentleman A told some girls that they were hosting a party for Shaq at Luckie Lounge and he could get them in VIP.

The slightly less obnoxious one, (Gentleman J) asked my name and we began to small talk.  Less than 15 minutes into our conversation I knew that he’d just flown in from Los Angels, that he and Frank Ski and Ryan Cameron go waaaaaaay back, that his name is on a billboard in Times Square and that he was just overseas on business. He made sure I downloaded his ap in the android market on my phone, and then proceeded to have a very loud “business call” where he frequently name dropped, discussed his finances and talked recklessly to whoever was on the other end. (Why even have a business call in a loud bar at 10pm?) When his bill came he pulled out a wad of money but only handed the bartender a twenty-dollar bill. He then excused himself to the restroom and left Gentleman A with us.

Gentleman A immediately shared that he was one of the writers for In Living Color and that he was driving a one hundred thousand dollar Porsche and it was parked out front. (He even showed us the key lol).

So, did money make the man? What were their personalities like before they came into money? Do they think money is the only way to attract a woman? And the worst part is, men like that will be the first to say that all women are gold-diggers or that they can’t find a good woman. But how do you expect NOT to attract a gold-digger if all you’re doing is discussing your net worth with a bunch of strangers?

What ever happened to being humble and attracting a woman with intellect and charisma rather than how much money you have or who you know. Where are the men who don’t have to speak to be heard, or who don’t have to be flashy to be seen?

Dear Men,

Humility looks good on you. Try it on.




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