Bad Hair Day turned Good

So, its Friday and today was one of those days.  My hair was a pure and utter MESS.  So much so that I was not one, but TWO hours late to work.  My hair literally did its own thing from the time I woke up at 9am to the time I left  for work (late) at 12:30p.  There has got to be an easier way!  I’m so close to quitting this whole natural hair journey. *rolls eyes*  (There goes that love hate relationship that I told you guys about.) Needless to say, I threw on a slouchy hat and flat twisted the front and called it a day.  I can’t even be bothered.

Oh hair, why hath thou forsaken me!?

When I got to work I was already flustered, and slightly irked but it all melted away when the sunshine of my life walked into the gallery!  🙂

He tries to act like he isn’t excited to see me but I secretly know he loves me!

Me and Aus posing next to the urns
All smiles
Aus the boss checking out the artwork

I still had an extremely bad hair day but overall, my day ended up being amazing because Aus came to see me!!

I asked him if he loved me more than Power Rangers he said yes, but when I asked if he loved me more than Benihana he said no!  Lol!! Welp, I guess I’ll take what I can get.

As he was leaving he waved and yelled “HAVE FUN BEING ALONE IN THERE”  Lol!! He totally loves me!!! LOVE YOU TOO AUSSIE!!!


*All smiles*


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