Flexirod Set

So, as you already know, I had the hair blues on Friday… I was so close to just slapping a perm in this hair and calling it a day.  My six month nappiversary is coming up on February 2nd so I’m trying to stay strong.  I’ve actually challenged myself to keep up with this “natural texture” thing until my sister’s wedding on July 1, 2012 (Exactly one month and one day before my 12 month nappiversary).  I’ve committed to this so I will stick to it, even though some days I feel like I’m walking around looking a HOT MESS.

After my hair blues on Friday, I came home and shampooed conditioned and steamed my hair then set my hair on flexirods.  The whole process took FOREVER.  I started at 9pm and didn’t finish until 1am. Then to make matters worse I couldn’t even sleep well with the rods in my hair.  Natural hair woes.  AND, if I didn’t suffer enough, I woke up and sat under the dryer for an hour before getting ready for church.

The end result was alright.  A little tiny curly fro that everyone kept touching at church.  (Side note, why do people touch other people’s hair.  Did I do that before I started on this natural hair journey?  This woman actually took a curl and stretched it out and said, “oh, it IS long.” *side eye* I’m just saying, you really gonna pull one of my curls tho? Oh.)

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure! 🙂

This is my "Really hair..?" face
  • Step 1: Remove flexirods
  • Step 2: Separate curls
  • Step 3: Determine if this was the look you were going for. If not.. oh well
Car pics!

I have no clue what’s next for this hair.  I suppose I’ll just wait and see!

Here are some random styles I’ve had over the past couple months! Enjoy!

Its growing!

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  1. Sorry I’m stalking your blog sister! I think the flexi rod set is so pretty! Your hair looks soft and touchable (no wonder people kept touching it). My question is, how long will this last after you spent four hours doing it?

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