Flexirod Set -Update-

The most frequently asked question I got with my flexirod set was “how long will those curls last?”  When I use certain products, my curls can last for days but in turn it makes my hair feel dry and crunchy.  The last time I did a roller set I used Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue and my curls lasted a week, they were defined and shiny with absolutely NO FRIZ but towards the end of the week my ends were brittle and dry and crunchy feeling.  (I think it was because of the mineral oil in the Miss Jessie’s products)

I did some research and mineral is great for sealing IN the moisture in your hair but because mineral oil is occlusive, it also keeps moisture OUT of your hair.  It creates a barrier that doesn’t allow moisture to pass either way which, in turn left me with the dry crunchy affect that I’m not a fan of.

I love the way the product defines my curls (and also I paid $35 for the container so I am determined to use it ALL) so I decided to give the product another chance. I used a tablespoon of the Curly Meringue and mixed it with castor oil and EVOO in an empty container and made it into a whipped buttery concoction. I smoothed the mixture onto each section before setting it on the flexirod and 4 days later my hair was still feeling soft and moisturized.  I experienced a little more frizz than I’d experienced with the Curly Meringue alone but no crunch or breakage.

The curls lasted 4 days and I’m sure I could have kept them for longer but I had something to do on Wednesday and wanted my hair to look fresh.

Below are a few pics of my day 3 thru day 6 hair!

Monday at work. Day 3 hair. My curls are still in pretty good shape
Day 4! Let the frizz begin! I think it could have lasted ONE more day
Day 6: I wore this style on Wednesday and Thursday, I used the curls to create a textured high bun, gives the illusion that my hair is longer than it really is!

I think I’ll wear the bun for one more day.  Its super easy and a great protective style!! My curls lasted for 4 days and my bun lasted 3 days!!! I’m happy with having 7 day low maintenance hair..


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