Vintage Shopping Mini Haul

As of recently I’ve been doing a good amount of shopping for vintage items.  I’ve been able to score some really great vintage pieces lately and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

What excites me the most is that so many of the fashionable items from back in the day are coming back around!  High-wasted pants, high-wasted pencil skirts, nice polished and tailored looks.. I love!!!

9 What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 1:9
Did Jesus know about the joys of vintage shopping!? Did he know that the things that my mother used to wear would be the same things that I’d like to wear?
These pants ABSOLUTELY give me life!! They’re high-wasted pleated front slacks that taper towards the bottom. ( I got them altered to fit my legs a little more.)  Initially, my dry-cleaner would NOT taper the pant leg anymore.  He said the pants were BEAUTIFUL as is, and that I was attempting to take a retro style and make it contemporary. After some SERIOUS persuasion he tapered them for me and I couldn’t be happier! Once he saw the pants on after he tapered them he agreed that they look good!! I love the gold details on the belt and the pleats in the front.  They make my butt look hella long lol but I don’t care. I LOVE THESE PANTS.
I purchased these for $12.99  at Ecologie, a self proclaimed “trendy consignment store” in Kennesaw, Ga. These pants feel amazing, they fit and contour my body like they were made for me!!! (I probably would have paid at least $30 for them)
This emerald green skirt is the business.  High-wasted pencil skirt equals EVERYTHING! (the picture on the left is the back and the one on the right is the front) I love the pockets and the gold button in the back.  I didn’t even alter this skirt I love it as it. The best part is, this skirt only cost me FIVE stinking dollars! I’m absolutely feeling myself in it!!
I purchased this skirt and the following items from Savvy Thriftique, a mobile boutique.  Love it!!!
Ok, I’m super excited about this necklace.  I was in Nordstrom last week and they had a necklace almost identical to this one for $20 that I almost purchased. (I’m glad I didn’t.)  I love the gold, green and grey as well as the string of pearls. It’ll make a great accent or statement piece to add a splash of color or to give the final touches to an outfit.
Lastly, Anyone who knows me knows that I love my stud ear rings! I love the pop of green, the shape and design on these vintage studs. Vintage earrings only FOUR DOLLARS!!!!
Hope you liked my mini-haul!  Enjoy your week!!!

6 thoughts on “Vintage Shopping Mini Haul

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  1. vintage clothing…. And basically majority of my pants and shorts are high waisted!! Gorgeous items girl !!!! Great picks!!!! Have fun!

  2. So cute and so darn cheap! I wish kennesaw was closer.. Hey I wear a size 4,5,6, and sometimes 7 when it’s juniors. How about the next time u see cute stuff, u think about me?? I can make weekly $10 deposits into your account since everything is so cheap lol!!

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