No Buy Month

 “I’m going a month without dining out, going to the hair or nail salon. I’m not paying for entertainment. I hope you join me in my challenge. We can save together. As part of No-Buy Month, you still pay your bills, get gas for your car if you need it and even go to the doctor if you have to. However, no getting gumballs from the vending machine. No takeout food runs. No getting your car professionally washed. Easy, right?!”

I stumbled across this challenge on the The Frugalista’s blog ( and I think I want to try it.  It’s called “No Buy Month.”

 I’m an emotional and impulsive shopper.  If I’m happy, shopping is the icing on the cake; if I’m sad then shopping is my quicker picker upper. If I’m bored, hey, why don’t I go shopping, see where this is going? I spend so much money on random things that I either don’t need or that I’ll only use or wear just once.

For the entire month of February I’m going to challenge myself not to buy ANYTHING besides groceries and gas.  I’m kind of apprehensive about this challenge because I’m always out somewhere socializing or getting into something, but I think this is a great way to save some money and maybe even work on my impuse control!

I’ll update you guys weekly on my progress and my self-control.  If you decide to join in on this challenge feel free to leave a comment and let me know exactly how things have been going for you as well.  Let’s encourage one another! 

Happy Savings!!!


11 thoughts on “No Buy Month

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  1. Sister, I think this is a great challenge! It’s not going to be easy (and February has 29 days instead of 28 this year), but I think it’s a great way to save money and exercise self control. Good for you!

    “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.” Proverbs 25:28

    Happy No Buy Month!

  2. I thought about this today since it’s PAYDAY (whoop whoop) and said to myself… let me go ahead and get what I want since starting tomorrow I won’t be able to buy anything! LOL Seriously though, I’m looking forward to challenging myself 🙂

  3. Wow, sounds like a great challenge Shells!! I think I am going to try it in March, since February is Nigel’s bday and I have already made plans:) But I will however; make a conscious effort not to spend money on unnecessary things. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Happy Savings!!

  4. Umm, I would join the challenge but I have to get my roots touched up next month. Lol. On a serious note, we are definitely the same when it comes to shopping and I’m currently addicted to groupon. Im using the Apple app Mint to track my spending and hopefully get it under control.

    1. lol Asiya! You aint right!! you can still join the challenge and ONLY get your roots touched up but dont spend money on anything else in Feb… Soooo… you in or out?!

      1. Think I’ll take on the support role as Prayer Warrior this time,lol. It’s a good idea though and I’ll try some variation of it really soon.

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