Happy 6 month nappiversary


It’s been six months since I randomly decided to chop off all my hair.  Looking back at some pictures I can’t believe I did it, I looked…VERY different to say the least!!! I must give some thanks to my boyfriend at the time, because he was such a good support.  Whenever I would feel down or question if he was still attracted to the new, no haired me he’d reassure me that regardless of what my hair looked like, he loved me!

If you’re considering doing the big chop, I recommend that you surround yourself with supportive people and positive images of natural hair because it really does help.

Here are a few pictures of my 6 month natural hair journey. Enjoy!

I really can't believe how short it was. Like a piece of fuzz! He must have really loved me lol!

Don’t let the smile fool you, I wasn’t feeling myself with this twa…

Month 2

During the 2nd month I tried out a good amount of styles trying to see which ones were quick and easy but still looked good

I tried everything from twists, rod sets and wash and go’s but I just wasn’t used to seeing myself with such short hair but I had to make it work…

Month 3

Month 3 was the birth of my signature protective stye

I think I started feeling myself a little more during month 3.  I began to see a little more growth and began trying new styles.  This is when I first discovered flat twists.

******I don’t know where my images are from my fourth month******

Month 5

my puff is getting a little rounder!
Still short but I'm seeing growth!!

It doesn’t feel like its growing but when I see the pictures from what I looked like 6 months ago I realize that it absolutely is making progress!!!


6 more months to go!!!
My wash and go from month 2 and my wash and go from month 5

All I know is that its been a hellofa ride. Hopefully the next 6 months gets easier, cuz this love hate relationship is getting old!  Right now I’m in love


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