Weekend Snapshots (1)

Happy Monday everyone!!!

I had a very eventful weekend!  Whenever I’m able to hang with my girlies, it usually means its gonna be a good time!  It started off with a housewarming for my friend Tiff!  Congrats girly; then we ended the weekend with a highly entertaining superbowl party which has kind of been the tradition for the past few years!

I’ve included some pictures of the randomness I like to call my life!  Enjoy!

Some of the ladies from the Housewarming. I'm really unsure about what I'm doing in this picture! lol
Tif and Boogs
Me and Charm at the housewarming
Love my girlies!
Some of the girlies in attendance on Superbowl Sunday!
Mr Tiffers!
Me and Charm
The boys were not trying to fool with us all night! Boogs trying to creep into the convo
The man of the House
Finally got the boys to pay attention long enough to play Taboo "EVEN WHEN I LOSE I WIN" (lol)
Boogs trying to explain how NOT to cheat
He mad, I think his team lost!
Papa Joe schooling the young boys in pool!!!
I'm not sure what these boys were scheming on!
The boys were absolutely cheating!
I'm not sure...
Randomness and pizza

Well, that was basically my weekend! Hope you have an amazing Monday FUNday and also an amazing week!

I’m going to post about my first week of no buy month on Wednesday so continue on your no buy journey!! 🙂 Stay encouraged!!!


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