My Valentine’s Day

My Vday Tulips!!

If you’re my friend on Facebook then you’ve already seen the flowers my friend sent me for Valentine’s Day (THANK YOU).  I’m pretty sure he knew how stressed I’ve been lately, and what girl doesn’t like a surprise flower delivery at work??

(ps: Tulips… nice!  Me Gusta!!)

Anyway, I really wasn’t feeling the whole Valentine’s Day thing this year and when I woke up I immediately began to receive those obligatory mass Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!!!! texts!

I had every intention of laying in the bed all day, but around noon I decided to be productive and get some work done.  I decided to file my taxes. The promise of money is a sure way to make a girl feel good!!! So I got my taxes done by THE slowest tax preparer EVER and not only did she take 3 hours out my day, she also informed me that I will NOT be balling out of control this year because I actually OWE Uncle Sam! Womp!!!

I came home and poured myself a couple glasses of wine and canceled my Valentine’s Day dinner plans (Sorry Angel! Sorry Luce), laid on the couch and watched Glee and New Girl (which were actually highly entertaining) and then fell asleep!

Pretty boring and uneventful I know, but hey! What’s a girl to do!  I hope that everyone else had an amazing Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day! Show love every day and tell your loved ones that you love them while you can!


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