No Buy Month -Week 2-

Hey again!!

So it’s week two of the no buy challenge, how did you do this week? *crickets* Oh…

This week I think I did pretty well, I was able to control my impulses a little better than last week BUT (::sigh:: there is always a but) After I passed my class I felt the need to celebrate so I went to Taco Bell (my guilty pleasure) and got a Nacho Bell Grande! (WHAAAT!! I love Taco Bell, sue me!!!)  Then last Thursday, I took my best guy friend out for some celebratory drinks for getting a new job. (Congrats Dynamite) Outside of gas and groceries this week I spent about $50. 😦

I’m still a work in progress; there are still 2 more weeks in this month and I KNOW I can get right!  I’m proud of myself though because I’ve been able to refrain from purchasing any new clothes, shoes, nail polish or hair products and for me, that’s a HUGE accomplishment!  *pats self on back*

Is anyone else having a hard time on this challenge or is it just me??


4 thoughts on “No Buy Month -Week 2-

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  1. i’m failing miserably. i’ve been spending $$ sushi runs, drinks, buying kindle books, carnival parties. I’ve cut down on buying gadgets and clothes, though! hooray for me!

  2. These days (also on a serious savings effort) I do well with keeping the spending down 3 months out of 4…but that fourth month? I act like I’m on shore leave…I buy A LOT and the best I can make of it is that during my money-letting months, I try to buy “practical” things for half of it, like future holiday gifts or clothes I need for work. The other half of the bleed…that ain’t pretty. Things I do not need, like coffee table books I like, or other nonessentials. You get poverty fatigue and I think it’s impossible to be a long-time frugalite without short (hopefully inexpensive) bursts/breaks in the otherwise good habit. It’s like you gotta go out back for a smoke, figuratively speaking, every few hours or you’ll never be able to concentrate on your work. Taco Hell sounds like a whole vacation in one stroke…you gotta live like a normal person once in a while!

    1. John, let me just say for the record, I LOVE YOU FOR READING!! *hugs you betwix my bosom* Annnnnnnd that I love TACO HELL!!!! Anywho, my impulses get the best of me EVERY TIME.. I’m doing better and I’m actually proud of myself! If I could just be more aware of my impulse spending I KNOW I’d be rich!!!

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