These Mini Twist Though…

Did it really take me 7hrs to install mini twists in my hair??  Seven whole hours??  For some reason I had this urge to have ‘em because I thought they would be a fun break from my normal styles…but 7hrs though??

Sunday afternoon I washed, conditioned and deep conditioned my hair. I then used KimmayTube’s leave in conditioner recipe (Kinky Curly Knot Today, Aloe Vera Juice, EVOO and Castor Oil all mixed together) and worked it though my hair.  Next, I made a jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, coconut oil, EVOO and pure unrefined shea butter concoction and worked that in my hair to seal in the moisture.  Lastly, I put my hair in about 15 big Celie twists and let my hair air dry for 45 minutes.

At 3:30pm I planted myself in front of the mirror and began twisting, and twisting… and twisting.  I twisted my hair from 3:30 to 9:00 then took a fifteen minute break. My progress after 5.5 hours:

After 5.5 hours I was completely done with the back

I finally finished at 10:30. I wasn’t in love with how it looked, so put rollers in my hair and went to bed.  Because it took me 7 hours, I was gonna rock these mini twists, even if my hair was ugly as sin. *shrug*

This morning I took out the rollers and my hair was curled so tight. I actually thought I was going to hate it but I misted my hair with some water, separated the curls and pinned one side back and I was content.

I kinda like the messy look of this

I don’t like the shrinkage in my hair, and if I ever do this style again I’ll do the twist bigger and also I’ll wait until my hair grows out substantially.  Additionally, while doing this style, I realized that the colored ends of my hair are frayed, dry and brittle. (I probably will never color my hair again) Outside of that, my hair feels very soft and light and I love my shea butter concoction! Hopefully I can rock my hair for 2 weeks with out getting bored!!

Here are some pics of the final product! Enjoy!

The back view.. so no one bothered to tell me to fix my collar tho?
Other side
Up close you can see the texture of the colored ends

4 thoughts on “These Mini Twist Though…

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous my love! I think it looks very nice short. It looks great on you Shelly!!! The short look is very becoming of you and the color does not look bad. When you are natural you can actually do color more often then when you had a relaxer. *Hugs*

    1. *hugs you back* I can honestly say my hair feels great and its so shiny! This natural thing takes work but when it looks good it makes it all worth it! Thanks babes!!! 🙂

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