Weekend Snapshots (3)

I had a pretty busy weekend.

 Friday night I rod set my hair in preparation for an event at work.

Me with Dopico's work entitled El Sabalo y la Piel

On Saturday my job hosted a reception for a Cuban artist by the name of Vincente Dopico Lerner.  He’s the sweetest most charming man ever but his images are so complex, and dark.  It was nice to hear him explain the concepts and the inspirations behind his work.

I'm not sure what we were laughing at!
He was such a cute little man!
Take 3!!

Saturday night after the reception, I hung out with the girlies for girl’s night, and watched the Whitney Houston Home Going Ceremony.  We hung out and made recipes that we found on Pinterest and shared a bottle of wine. (Actually, I didn’t make anything) Everything turned out delicious, we attempted to watch Waiting to Exhale but we all fell asleep in the first 30 minutes…  Clearly we’re not as young as we’d like to think!

boogs making a tomato and cheese thing, I dunno but it was good.
... this girl... but those rolls were good tho!!

My entire Sunday was dedicated to my 7hr long mini twist experience, and then Monday I went to see Estelle in the BET Music Matters Tour at Center Stage.


I was nervous about the concert because I was not familiar with any of her songs outside of the ones they play in the radio; and also because I decided to go to the concert by myself! Initially, I had mixed feelings about it, but in actuality, going to the concert solo was SUCH a liberating experience. I was so comfortable in my own skin, and I truly enjoyed the experience.

Luke James

 The concert opened with Luke James and his sexy falsetto. I was only familiar with his single I Want You but he put on a very good performance.  After Luke James, another girl came out; I was only mildly impressed with her. Womp.  But then Elle Varner came out and was AMAZING. I feel like she’s my bestie in my mind lol!  She was soo silly and her songs were hilarious! Check out her music. Her album is called Conversational Lush.

Elle Varner, my bestie in my mind!

 Ok, finally Estelle came out and had such an interactive concert, I was so impressed. She has such a potty mouth but because she has that British accent it made everything she said sound beautiful!  Lol. She sang about 9 songs, also, John Legend came out and they did a number together. She did a tribute to Whitney, Etta James and Amy Winehouse and she poured her Hennessey out on the stage for all of them. All in all, she really PERFORMED, she sang and rapped and her voice is effortlessly beautiful. To sum it up, it was the best $28 I’ve ever spent and I can say that I am an Estelle fan!!!

John Legend and his thick thighs
Estelle with her solo cup of Hennessey! lol
She literally cracked me up!

Well that was my weekend!  Enjoy your week folks!


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