I guess since I’m pretty good at it…


I’ve been doing my own hair since forever (well, since 1994 but who’s counting).  Every now and then my mother would ask me to do her hair and I’d happily oblige, and when my brother let his hair grow out I would braid his hair in some intricate design, but that was just something I did for fun.

As of lately people have been telling me that I should really think of taking my “just for fun” gig on the road, and who am I to deprive the people of what they want??  I’ve started taking pictures of some of the styles that I’ve done and periodically I’ll post the pictures on this blog for you viewing pleasure!

Here are some of the few that I do have already. Enjoy!

My signature protective style
The back view
Two strand Mini Twist
Braided Style
Braided Styles
Expect more pictures of my work on this page in the future

2 thoughts on “I guess since I’m pretty good at it…

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  1. Can I be your Consultant? I can help you get incorporated, start your website, get business cards, and help you market your new business! I’m super duper excited for you. Even if you paid me .0001% of your revenue for the first year, i’d be rolling!! I know you are going to do so well!!! I am happy that you have opened your eyes and realized this God-Given talent of yours should be used to generate some dough! i love you and i’m so happy for you mish mash 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Tay!!!!! You have always been my #1 fan! I love you too girl. God has really been working on me these past couple of months. Thank you for all your support friend!!!! XO

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