No Buy Month is OVER…

Y’all… straight up, if ever I’ve failed something in life, this challenge would definitely be one of them. I’m actually a little embarrassed to talk about how miserably I failed. 

The only thing that I can say positive about this challenge is that I SUBSTANTIALLYcut down the amount of impulse shopping that I usually do.  The money that I typically would use to buy clothes and shoes and various random things actually went to something more important, like helping out with bills and groceries and such. I usually do my own hair, nails, eyebrows and other girly maintenances so that was never an issue. My issue is, and has always been clothes, shoes, hair products, social events and snacks…  This challenge helped me realized that I’m a snacker… Snacks bring me so much joy. I digress.

 Anyway, those of you who stuck to it and carried No Buy month all the way through, I salute you.  That was no easy task.  I tried. I really did, with all of my might, but those nachos and cheese just were calling my name… so were those Girl Scout cookies and that shirt from Fabrik… curse you scoutmob.

I found this quote online and it kind of made me chuckle:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.”  W. C Fields

Lol, happy hump day folks…


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