Weekend Snapshots and Robert Glasper Concert

This weekend was a crazy one for sure. Friday was exhausting on so many different levels.  The threat of the tornado was just icing on the cake because I was already personally, professionally and emotionally drained. Some of my girlfriends and I braved the elements and decided to have a girls night, in spite of the tornado.  We talked and laughed and then we ended up watching Rio with Aus the Boss. (That movie is hilarious by the way)

Saturday was kind of a bust as well. Two of my girl friends and I attempted to enjoy a nice dinner but those plans were soiled when we were visited by not one, not two, but THREE roaches under our table at a popular Atlanta restaurant. I couldn’t eat another bite of my food, even though I was still starving.

Thankfully the weekend got better. Sunday  was my Funday…  My best guy friend Dynamite and I went to see Robert Glasper in concert with Chrisette Michelle.

Dynamite thinking he's cool as a fan!

The concert was so good!!! Musiq Soulchild and Bilal came out for some surprise performances with Chrisette. I can’t explain how good the concert was.  It was a mix of jazz, electronica, neo soul and awesomeness!

Ran into my new co-worker! Thanks to her we had some great seats!!
Yes to their harmony!

After the concert there was an “after party” at Cafe Circa and I was able to meet Robert Glasper!

lol, I wish I knew what his shirt said
Then I met this guy! He played like 6 different instruments in the show!
Then we met Bilal!! they made fun of him for looking like inspector gadget!
We were able to meet Angie Stone as well
Me and Luce Caboose acting up
Me and Luce Caboose

That was pretty much my weekend!  Fun times!!! 🙂 Hope you had a great Monday!!!


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