California Dreaming

Life is totally happening for me right now.  I can actually see God moving and I love it.  For starters, I’m no longer at the art gallery, which is something that I’m GLAD to say (so no more stories about Frankie).  And, secondly and equally as important, I’ve started working in Public Relations and I’m completely excited.  All with in the same week I had a ticket to spend 6 days in Los Angeles California!!! Really Jesus?  All of this for little ol’ me?  Thanks!!!!! * Hugs *

LA is beautiful.  I’ve only been here for one day but so far I’m lovin’ it, the palm trees, the ocean breeze, the mountains as a backdrop.  Love it!!!

Once I landed, my first stop was Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.

I'm not sure why I'm so greasy!!!

O. M. G.  That food was so freaking good.  I would have slapped anybody’s mama at that point but we were in Inglewood so I decided not to lol!  I ordered a Country Boy with an order cheese grits on the side. YUM!!  There was one point where I had waffles and syrup in my mouth, chicken with hot sauce in my left hand and a fork full of cheese grits in my right hand!  I gave that food the BUSINESS!!!

Giving that food the BUSINESS. My face tho...

After Roscoe’s gave me LIFE we went to Venice beach.  Venice beach was HIL-arious.



I cant with these signs!!!

On EVERY corner there were Cannabis Doctors selling “medicinal” marijuana.   There was someone having a shoot out.  By himself.  With his finger as a gun.  This girl started yelling ‘I’M NOT LAURA INGALLS WILDER, Do I have to show you my ASS to prove it to you?”  Some random guy baited her up and said, “Yeah, you do.” So of course she dropped trou and flashed her petite pale tattooed bum.  Lol.  The guy then said, “I dunooooo… I’m not sure if I believe you’re really not her. Show me again.”  LOL comedy!

Watching Some kids break dance

It got cold so we went back to change before going out.  I tried to hang with the homies but I was way too tired from traveling and the time change so I had to call it a night!!

My first day in Los Angeles was great!!!! One day down, 5 to go!!!

One day down, 5 to go!!

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  1. You are in my home…where I was raised… My mom use to skate on Venice beach when we were little. I’m from pasadena. Now u see why I’m such a hippie/eclectic hobo chick…? We are from Venice lol …use should visit laguna beach that is a beautiful sight to see!!!

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