Addicted To Life

I had a great time in Los Angeles for 6 whole days!  My host and long time friend was so gracious and such a gentleman. He showed me around the city and doubled as my photographer while I was there.  THANKS!!!

Overall, I LOVED LA!! I loved the fact the no matter where you go there is always someone either walking, riding their bike/skate board, or roller-blading/roller-skating.  There were so many interracial couples (which I loved) and everyone seemed to own a Toyota Prius. I didn’t see any celebs and I hardly saw any black people and I noticed that LA or at least the area where I stayed absolutely loves dogs. There’d be a minimum of 2 dogs tied outside every restaurant that we went to.

Additionally, besides LA hating on black girls with natural hair I had a great time. I was scared that TSA would throw away all my hair goodies so I decide to leave my products at home and just purchase some minor and inexpensive things when I got to LA.  I had THE hardest time finding the products I was looking for. I went to like 4 different Wal-greens, CVS’ and Targets, but I finally found some Clear Ice Eco Style Gel that I used for my wash and go. It was my first time feeling comfortable enough to wear my hair out with a wash and go and I thought it was pretty cute!

I was kinda feeling my wash and go!

While in LA, it seemed like ALL I did was eat!! (which is always all right with me)

I love to EAT

Day one we went to Venice Beach and had a blast although it was kinda cold in my opinion.

Loved Venice Beach

On my second day in LA we went to Hollywood and took pictures, walked around and did some sightseeing.  My friend Shonte gave us directions on how to get as close as possible to the Hollywood sign.  When we got there a group of teenage girls started giggling and pointing because they thought my friend was Usher. -_____-  (No comment)

The girls that thought he was Usher

On Sunday, day 3 we went to Beverly Hills did some shopping (window of course) off Rodeo Drive. We also went to a Farmers Market and had some amazing Cajun food.


Monday was very mellow; I walked by myself down the marina and picked out my favorite boat. I came home and spent an hour or so by the pool and in the hot tub, then later that evening we had a home-cooked meal and one of the girls I was staying with made banana flambé, which brought me joy!

Choosing a boat!!!

Tuesday was my favorite day.  We drove up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, got out and spent about an hour on the beach just being silly and having fun.

Not Quite Sure!!!

It was windy, the waves were crashing onto the rocks around me, the sun was shining on my skin and my hair was blowing in the wind.  Actually it wasn’t. The clear ice eco style gel is maximum hold so my hair actually didn’t move an inch but you see where I’m going with this.  It was a perfect day.

It was so windy!


The scenery is so beautiful

Wednesday was my last day!! * sad face * I walked to a Barnes and Noble’s to get a good book, then to Panera and enjoyed a broccoli and cheese soup with a tuna melt which TORE my stomach up, then I did a quick Pinkberry run!

Here are just some random pic of the rest of my trip!

LA Scenery!


Pacific Coast Highway



Los Angeles was great!  I loved the crisp ocean breeze and the warm California sun, but I’m happy to be home because I’m a Georgia girl at heart!  F.I.L.A

I’m holding on to my freedom,
Can’t take it from me,
I was born into it,
It comes naturally,
I’m strumming my own freedom,
Playing the god in me,
Representing his glory,
Hope he’s proud of me

Jill Scott


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