Random Snapshots of my Life

I was going through my camera and I saw some pictures that I thought were interesting and or funny and decided to share them.  Some of them are as recent as my trip to Cali and others are older and as random as they come! Enjoy

Looking at LA


Lighting the Banana flambe


I'm not sure how this picture came out this way but I thought it was cool


My first successful twist out EVER!!


Heading out!


How I spend my free time


Happy birthday old man!! Dope Cake!!!


Steve Harvey and Susan Taylor at "boxtops for education"


My little brother and love of my life!!!


Another love of my life!!!


Being silly at the art gallery


Another productive day at the art gallery


Me being skinny with duck lips!!


Me an Boogs on her birthday!


Luce and Me being silly


Just some randomness!!!  Happy Sunday have a great week everyone


Live. Laugh. Love


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