So, I had a Nightmare…

When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.
Proverbs3:24 KJV

Have you ever had one of those dreams that scare you to death while you’re sleeping, but when you wake up, you’re more confused than scared because nothing in the dream really made sense? Well that was me, and I’ve been trying to make sense of this bad dream for 2 days now.

The sequence of events was so sporadic and random that I kinda feel strange even sharing, but hang on, cuz this is as eerie as it gets…

Background: Ok for starters, my mother really wants a small breed puppy and before I went to bed on Tuesday night she asked me to look into it for her…

My Dream:  In my dream, I finally found a small breed puppy for my mother.  I put the puppy’s bed in her room, I wrapped the puppy in a blanket, (kind of how you swaddle a baby) and placed the puppy in his puppy bed. In actuality, it was not a puppy, it was a baby dinosaur. A baby Tyrannosaurus Rex to be specific.  (I know I know… this gets weird.)  I don’t know when I realized that my puppy was a dinosaur, but when I did, I proceeded to cut its claws with my nail clip so that when he grew up, he wouldn’t eat us. (??) As I am cutting the claws, he starts to bleed all over the carpet. Because I still have the fear of my mother in me, I immediately get a cloth and some carpet cleaner and begin scrubbing the blood stains off the carpet.  (..??)

OK. Scene change. So now I’m in my boss’s husband’s coffee shop (Check out the Coffee Loft on Peters St…shameless plug I know.) I’m not sure what I’m doing, but there’s a guy that keeps checking me out. He approaches me and starts talking, but I don’t give him any play.  He’s tall, dressed in all black and he has on a black baseball hat. His hair is protruding from under his hat and it’s naaaaappppyyyyy, there’s lint in it, and it’s kind of dirty looking.  I play him to the left and kept doing what I was doing until he walked away.  Maybe 10 mins later the guy comes back to talk and I’m still throwing him shade. He removes his hat, and when he takes his hat off, the nappy hair comes off with it (kind of like those bob marley beanies that have the dread locks attached to it).  When he takes off the nappy hair hat, this dude is FINE, like Boris Kudjo fine!!  I perk up and start talking to him and start batting my eyes and smiling with him. Then, as clear as day, with a sweet smile on his face he says: I. Am. Evil.

Scene change: I’m back in my parents’ room with the clawless baby dinosaur and I’m scared because of what just happened (in real life I feel my body breaking out into a cold sweat). In the dream I’m scrambling to get into the bed with my mother so she can protect me.  I’m trying with all my might but she would NOT let me in the bed with her.  FINALLY, I make it into the bed, I’m scared so I begin to sing the words to my favorite Hymn, “I’ve Found a Friend.”

Ok this is where it get weird … well weirder.  I’m asleep but I’m trying to wake up and I’m praying well actually begging Jesus to wake me up. I have chills all over my body and it feels like I’m conscious but unable to physically wake up. All of a sudden, my cell phone starts vibrating and I open my eyes (thank you Jesus).  I look at my clock and its 6:47am and my friend Tiffany is calling (??)  I answer the phone and no one is on the line…?  I hang up and call her back and it goes to voicemail.  At this point I’m just happy to be awake.

Later that morning, as I’m on the way to work around 8:30 or so, Tiffany calls back and asked why I called her so early. HUH!!!  I remind her that she called me first to which she replied “no I didn’t, I wasn’t even near my phone because I was at my boot camp classes.” IS THAT SCARY OR WHAT!!!!

I don’t know what that dream means from the bloody baby dinosaur to the charming yet evil man dressed in all black. I can’t with my subconscious right now!  I don’t know what’s going on but before bed last night I made sure to say an extra long prayer!

Just thought I’d share… it was so strange and vivid… I dunno maaaan…

I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nigthmares because of my dreams.
-Jonas Salk


2 thoughts on “So, I had a Nightmare…

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  1. Weird, but I like the part where your friend called.I guess God was making sure that you end that scary moment. Even though she didnot call, He called time out. Peace.

  2. You are one of thee funniest people in LIFE to me shelly!!!!! puahahaha… but I have dreams like this all the time >_<… dino's chasing me … scary men following me n pushing me off roofs.. etc… .. family falling in lava (like .. why are we walking through a volcano I will NEVER know) x_X

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