In Review: Eden BodyWorks – JojOba Monoi

On Saturday March 24 I had the pleasure of attending a natural hair event.  I was invited to Eden Body Works “Brunch With EDEN’ to celebrate the launch of their new JojOba collection. The products will be available beginning in March 2012 online and at Walmart stores nationwide, with a price point ranging from $8.99 – $9.99. The new line consists of five moisture-rich offerings: JojOba Shampoo, JojOba Conditioner, JojOba Deep Conditioner, JojOba Hair Milk, and JojOba Hair Oil.

Founded by 13-year-old CEO Jasmine Lawrence, EDEN BodyWorks provides all natural hair and body care solutions that integrate wellness and beauty inspired by nature to restore and maintain the body's original design. (she's not 13y/o anymore of course)

The brunch was great as it was very intimate with delicious cocktails. YUM!!  All the women in attendance were down to earth and approachable.  I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy Primm, the owner of Sage Naturalcueticals, a boutique specializing in natural hair, skin care bath and body products and fragrant soy candles. Also I was able to meet Myleik Teele, Founder and CEO of CurlBox.  There were so many more dynamic women there and I was just honored to be in the presence of greatness!

They gave away a Huetiful steamer!!!
Me at the Eden Event

Anywho, on to the review!

Soooo, this event gave away gift bags of the ENTIRE JojOba Manoi line and I’m not talking about sample size!

THIS is was what was in our gift bags!!!

I mean, who gives away the full line and NOT sample sizes?!  I’m not at all complaining!!!  I’ll start with the Shampoo.

The last time I shampooed my hair was February 12th. Before you get all judgy and start giving me the side eye, I co-wash it every week so its not like I’m walking around with stinky dirty hair. I digress.

The shampoo is sulfate, paraben and mineral oil free and it REALLY cleaned my hair.  As I rinsed out the shampoo, my hair made the squeaky clean sound which surprised me, especially since I made sure to pre-poo .  I had never heard my hair actually make a squeaking sound, so I only shampooed once.

The conditioner: After my hair was squeaky clean, I saturated my hair with the JojOba Monoi natural conditioner. It took a few applications before I felt like my hair was completely covered in the product. (I felt like I used a lot of condish, but when I looked the bottle still was very full.)  I wasn’t getting enough slip in my hair and usually when I apply conditioner, I’m instantly able to run my fingers thru my hair so I put on a shower cap on then finished with my normal shower activities.  About 10 minutes later I removed the shower cap and rinsed out the conditioner.

The deep conditioner went on smooth and I prepared myself under the steamer.  This experience was the WORST, not because of the products, but because for the first time, the steaming water burned me.  I burned my scalp so bad that I jumped from under the steamer, which caused me to knock it over, which then caused steaming hot water to splash all over my arm and hand…

After barely escaping with my life, noticed that I had a perfectly petite afro, my friend who attended the event with me described her coils  after using the steamer and deep condish as “boingy boing” (lol),  and I too had boingy boing coils.  The elasticity and integrity of my coils were amazing, my hair looked and felt extremely healthy.

The Hair Milk was next in line.  After locking in the moisture with some knot today and EVOO, I started twisting my hair for my twist-out style.  On every section that I twisted I’d first smooth in the hair milk followed by Organic Root Stimulator Twist and Lock Gel (oh I love that product). I sat under the dryer for an hour then went to bed.  The next morning I had a bomb twist-out.

Hello perfect twist out, glad you could join us!
You can't see the definition but each strand of hair was perfectly defined

The Natural Hair Oil is the last product in the collection.  The oil is nice and thick, I really don’t have anything bad to say except that when you spray the oil it comes out in a pretty powerful stream rather that a light mist. I’d prefer it more if I could use it as a mist instead of being concentrated in one place.

It’s evident that these products were designed to be used together.  In the beginning my hair was feeling squeaky clean and kind of stiff but once I used each product, the end result was soft springy and healthy looking and feeling hair. Because I do have the entire line I can say I am pleased with this product.


  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free
  • No mineral oils
  • Affordable
  • Easily accessible
  • Thick so you don’t have to use too much
  • Left my hair feeling soft


  • Smell (I personally don’t like the monoi scent)
  • Not being able to use the products individually
  • The stiff and squeaky feeling after the shampoo
  • The spray stream of the oil

I will be using these products again, as I said earlier, I am pleased with the results!!


3 thoughts on “In Review: Eden BodyWorks – JojOba Monoi

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  1. LOL! Boingy boing! Don’t you dare take my saying!!! But I’ve been burned by the steamer as well. The water was so hot that it left a burn mark on my back 😦 Good review friend!

  2. can i used the milk as a daily lotion cuz my hair which is a 4c dry up almost everyday when i wake up in the morning and i have a twa so i cannot twist it yet

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