Natural Hair Chronicles | This weekend

This weekend I rocked a pretty great twist out that I achieved using my JojOba Monoi Hair milk coupled with Organic Root Stimulator Twist and Lock Gel for hold.  I wore my twist out to church on Saturday, and I must have had super touchable looking hair because it seemed like every other person was tampering with my tresses.  I stopped counting after six people…

Headed to Church

Later that evening, 5 of my girlfriends and I randomly ended up at Shout! restaurant and lounge in Atlanta and I had THE MOST fun that I’ve had in a while. Initially, my friend Tiffany and I were heading to the park, so we were dressed in causal day-time clothes; for me that was a plaid button-up, denim shorts and my oxfords.  We weren’t at all dressed to party but we went anyway and partied just the same.

Casual and cute and being silly

While at Shout! I ran into one of my guy friends that I haven’t seen in over a year, the first thing he did was grab not one but TWO fistfuls of my hair and say “OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR” (mind you he has a death grip on my hair as he’s examining my head).  Once I managed to pry my hair from his fists he looked down at my clothes then says “OH MY GOD AND WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?? YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN A BARN SOMEWHERE.”  …uhh, ok.  Nice to see you too… rudeness.

After that less than favorable exchange, I find myself talking and laughing with another group of friends and THIS really happened…

Please note the FISTFUL of MY hair in HIS hand

FYI: this is NOT the same guy friend from earlier. Luckily for me (and him) he’s not a complete stranger; I’ve met him twice before about a year and a half ago… I’m not quite sure what prompted this…and by the look of this, you’d think we were the best of friends. Luckily for me (and him again) I’m not the type of person who feels that my powers will escape me if ever anyone touches my hair. However, I know some women that would have serious issues with this, and rightfully so! Sadly, these two guys weren’t the only two who mangled my mane that evening! I’ve asked this question before and I’m going to ask this question again, WHAT makes people reach out and touch other people’s hair?  What is that about?? (I’m really going to be waiting for an answer this time).

Anyway, we had an amazing time. My natural hair is giving me life!!! Here are some of the other pics of the randomness…

randomness at its best

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