Happy ONE YEAR Nappiversary to ME!

My 12 month wash and go

I MADE IT TO A YEAR!!!!  *Thows Confetti*

August 2, 2011 I promised myself that I would commit to letting my hair grow out my head in its natural state, NO MATTER WHAT, and that I did.  No matter how I felt about it, no matter what feedback I got from others, NO MATTER WHAT. I did it!

Here’s a contrast from my first few days after my big chop and 11 months after my big chop.

NOTHING has changed about the love hate relationship with my kinky coif.  Some days I love her, other days, not so much but what has changed however, is my understanding.  It took me almost a full year to LEARN my hair and learn what she likes and what works for us.  I’m still learning but it has been a growing process for us both.

The evolution of the twist out

I’ve learned is this as well: Progress Is a Process!!  What a difference a year makes!

Random styles I rocked this year

Variety is the spice of life.  I enjoy playing in my hair! (Above) I rocked twists and a fedora, my trusty puff, I FINALLY mastered my twist outs (that was the hardest thing for me)! Once I mastered my twist outs, I spiced em up a little with the flat twists on the side and then I learned how to extend the life of my style by pinning it up! (which makes a great protective style)

I wore the “nubian twist” for 2 weeks (Left) and the Waist length box braids for 3.5 weeks (Right)

This 5.5week break really helped my hair grow.  (If you cant tell I was feeling myself w/ the box braids)

11 months into my hair journey, I pressed my hair out for my sisters wedding

I’m really happy that I had an opportunity to get my hair professionally pressed and cut for my sisters wedding.  I hadn’t had my hair professionally treated since before I got scissor happy and big chopped on my own.  Regrettably I did get heat damage but it was fun being able to play in my hair for a week!

Spice it up a bit

So, I was completely bored with my twists out.. I was a little apprehensive about doing the flat twists on the side, I thought it might look juvenile, but I ended up loving it!

SN: My eyebrows tho??

My wash and go showcasing my heat damaged bangs!

Here’s a pic of my FAVORITE twist out

My 11 month twist out.. ahhh-mahh-zing (Used: Shea Moisture Curl  Enhancing Smoothie and IC Fantasia Olive oil Gel. Boom!)


YAYYY, I did it!!! A strong support system really helped me through my first 12 months of my Natural Hair Chronicles.  I suggest to any one who is trying to go down this journey to surround yourself of positive and realistic images of where you’d like to be.  It helped me immensely!

Anywho, 12 months down, and I’ve committed to another 12 months on this natural hair journey!  Whoop Whoop!

ps. I’m sorry I’ve neglected you all, but I’m back! I’ll catch you up soon



3 thoughts on “Happy ONE YEAR Nappiversary to ME!

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  1. Hello, hello!! I love your hair!! So pretty. Your curls are gorgeous! I’m following you now and look forward to seeing your hair grow and grow. I am currently transitioning. 11 months- no perm!! Check out my blog as well. take care! 🙂

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