About Me


I never know what to put in the “about me” section.   What can I say about myself? I’m 5’5″ with brown eyes and a smile like the sunrise?? Just kidding, I’m actually 5″6 1/2 but everything else is true! My name is Mishael  (mĭsh– ah-əl),  which means who belongs to the Lord.  My name is Hebrew and can be found in Daniel Ch 1 v  6 if you’re interested.

I live in Atlanta, Gawga and if you’re an Atlanta native then you know that most people who say they are from Atlanta are really from a suburb of Atlanta (myself included).

I’m a July baby which means I am Cancer, I love water (Cancer is a water sign) and I’m  a “feeler.” I feel deeply, I’m extremely passionate (exclusively about the people and things I care about) and internalize things to no end. I’ve been told that my nonchalant demeanor does not reveal the depth of my feelings and I think that has come with age and maturity.

While  recognize that I have learned to manage my emotions and feelings I will also say that the majority of my writing and my decision making are based on my intuition and my feelings. And I strongly believe that intuition is a gift that we should use much more than we do, and so far it has never steered me wrong.

I recently married the man of my dreams and I’ll go to war over him (and our dog Roosevelt)!

I’m a part of the natural hair community. Although I’ve been natural for about 12 years, on August 2, 2011 I went from being a straight/pressed natural to a kinky natural. After 6 years of pressing my hair, I did the big chop to rid myself of my heat processed ends.

I’m still growing and evolving naturally and this has been the most beautiful journey.

In short, I’m a big-hearted, natural-haired brown girl who is living laughing and loving every minute of my evolution.


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